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A Guide to Growth Strategies for Community Banks

In order for your community bank to remain competitive, you must provide the services your customer’s demand. In addition to traditional banking services like checking and savings accounts, it’s equally crucial to provide more niche services that other financial institutions may fail to offer. Here are two essential financial avenues that can help grow your bank and ensure all your customers are fully satisfied with their experiences. 

How Can Bank Stock Financing Provide Growth?

Your institution may come across an unbelievable growth opportunity but lack the capital to effectively pursue it. Bank stock financing allows you to fully pursue these opportunities by providing loans with reasonable terms and amazing rates.

For example, merging with another financial institution allows you to expand into a locality that may otherwise be untapped by your organization. You can also have access to the funds needed to purchase buildings to open new bank branches in other areas, which provides your customers greater convenience.

If your bank is interested in repurchasing stock, bank stock loans make it a possibility. You must act fast when shares become available and having access to reliable funding options allows you to do so.


What Should You Know About Federal Fund Lines of Credit?

There may come a time when a customer requests loan amounts that your bank is incapable of providing. Instead of turning the customer away, a federal fund line of credit ensures you can meet their needs and retain their business for many years to come. 

These excess reserves contain funds from numerous commercial banks. They can be accessed by banking institutions requiring a temporary boost to their funds to meet the needs of higher-level customers, such as a municipality. A federal fund line of credit also ensures you’re able to meet your daily lending needs, which is essential to maintaining a good reputation among customers. 

Community financial institutions require the right support to expand their enterprises and provide the above niche services, and that’s precisely what BBKY offers its customer’s. They’ve served the needs of financial institutions throughout Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Tennessee for more than three decades. The team acts as your partner, and they’re just as devoted to your success as you are. If a customer’s need for funding is beyond what your bank can afford, they’re here to make up the difference thanks to their loan and credit products. Visit the website to learn more about lending options or email solutions@bbky.com.

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