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Commercial Lending Services

Participation Loans
The Bankers’ Bank understands that quality credits are essential to the profitability of a community bank. We routinely assist our customers by purchasing loans over their legal lending limit, thereby allowing them to service their largest borrowers with a transparent and non-competitive solution. Additionally, we are a resource for loans to banks whose demand for credit is not sufficient in their communities. For banks looking to grow their portfolios, BBKY offers high quality loan participations to shareholder banks. With a network of hundreds of banks throughout the region, we can help your bank obtain well- structured, conservative credits with solid yields.

Holding Company Loans and Lines of Credit
We can assist your institution with credit facilities for purposes such as repurchase of stock, acquisition, capital injection, or funding of defined benefit plans (ESOPs and KSOPs).

Bank Organization Loans
We offer loans for organizational expenses to de novo banks as well as initial bank stock financing for officers and directors.

Director and Officer Loans
The Bankers’ Bank can minimize Regulation O concerns by originating confidential Director and Officer loans with competitive rates and flexible terms.

Federal Funds Line of Credit
The Bankers’ Bank offers fed funds lines of credit to our respondent banks on an unsecured basis for short-term liquidity needs. The amount of the line of credit will be issued up to 50% of an institution’s capital and surplus with a maximum of $5 million. Larger amounts may be approved on a case-by-case basis with additional underwriting and/or security.