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The CheckDirect Program provides Community Banks the unique opportunity to maximize their Bankers’ Bank of Kentucky account relationship by depositing and receiving image cash letters. CheckDirect provides options for both in-house and out-sourced data processing environments.

BBKY Proudly Offers Sponsored ECCHO Membership:

To participate in the CheckDirect Program, Banks are required to join ECCHO as a sponsored member. Annual ECCHO membership benefits include: Advocacy, Rules Coverage, Member Discounts, Research/Adjustment Contacts, Online ECCHO Rules Access and Educational Opportunities for all things check. Annual ECCHO Membership dues are billed through a Banks BBKY account relationship. www.eccho.org.

CheckDirect Features & Benefits:

BBCONNECT Full Provides Secure ICL Processing, with Integrated Duplicate ICL File Detection.

ICL Settlement Entries Available via BBCONNECT Full Version

Check Adjustment Requests for Entry Dollar Threshold is >$0.01 for all investigation types.

Research and Adjustment Case Submission Daily Cutoff Time: 4:00 p.m. ET.