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The CheckDirect Program provides Community Banks the unique opportunity to maximize their ICBB account relationship by depositing and receiving image cash letters. CheckDirect provides options for both in-house and out-sourced data processing environments.

ICBB Proudly Offers Sponsored ECCHO Membership:

To participate in the CheckDirect Program, Banks are required to join ECCHO as a sponsored member. Annual ECCHO membership benefits include: Advocacy, Rules Coverage, Member Discounts, Research/Adjustment Contacts, Online ECCHO Rules Access and Educational Opportunities for all things check. Annual ECCHO Membership dues are billed through a Banks ICBB account relationship. www.eccho.org.

CheckDirect Features & Benefits:

BBCONNECT Full Provides Secure ICL Processing, with Integrated Duplicate ICL File Detection.

ICL Settlement Entries Available via BBCONNECT Full Version

Check Adjustment Requests for Entry Dollar Threshold is >$0.01 for all investigation types.

Research and Adjustment Case Submission Daily Cutoff Time: 4:00 p.m. ET.